Monday, October 27, 2003

Constructing in progress

After an hour of squinting my eyes and carefully editing the stylesheet for my blog, finally I got some layout which I am 20% satisfied. Heck, that will go for now.

Still new in blogging and therefore I'm not aware of the tools or shall I say logware that is widely use among bloogers around. An initial investigation shows me that they are mostly developed using PHP and MYSQL. Sad to say, I never touched those before. I am always stuck to Microsoft's stuff ala ASP, Access, etc.

Apart from that, here I am again, bored in my cubicle. Well on second thoughts, I do not have a cubicle. It looks more like a half cubicle. L shape. I don't have the back part of it. That's because I'm situated at the corner so my back is with the wall? Good thing for privacy but hell what is the cctv doing at the back of me?