Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bahrain :(

Life is so unpredictable. Everything you plan may go under in an instant. At the recent turns of events, and as fate would have it, I hate to say it but I have got to come back to Bahrain from 9th February until 23th February 2006. That really threw my whole be jolly and move on agenda into nothingness. I have already resigned, and it's time for a handover of responsibilities and duties to other staffs. If the other staff requires training or in-depth explanation, I'll gladly do that. Unfortunately, the shitty management decides to milk me till the end of my tenure. And not to mention, it's an unfair one to begin with. 2 months of notice period. What good does it make to the company and the employee? A retarded policy. Haihhh

It's incomprehensible when there's no other suitable candidate replacements for me. Then the 40+ staffs in the department must be worthless to say the least. Ultra livid. Sigh. Pokai ar, I hope I do not miss any opportunities from the MNCs that I'm eyeing on because of this upcoming trip. I really do think I stand a good chance for the jobs I applied. Since it is so, I guess I'll just let it sink in and think of how I am going to spend this 9k.