Thursday, February 09, 2006

A day in TPM

After nearly 16 months working abroad with interim short holidays, today's my first day actually reporting back to work in my office in TPM. I actually managed to wakeup at 6.30 AM. I woke up at that ungodly hour eventhough I'm no rubber tapper with the intention to get a parking space. I even had time to go round my neighbourhood and bought some nasi lemak for breakfast and brought it for consumption at the company's cafeteria.

The whole day feels strange yet disturbingly familiar. Most of my colleagues are now replaced with new staffs which I hardly know any. My blue jacket is still hung on the chair after 1.5 years gathering dust. The slow pace which is a welcomed change after getting used to the restless days abroad, although boredom manages to seep in after awhile. I guess nothing's ideal.

As the day ends, I had only spent 9.5 hours in office which is joy and wonder, but somewhat unusual when the norm for me had been 14 hours a day. At the same time, the take home pay for the day also is laughable.