Wednesday, August 15, 2007

accent to the future not

Haven't been updating the blog for quite some time. It may be due to having a writer's block or perhaps I was too busy working or figuring things out in my mind which left me tired. When the dust has settled though, it seems that the landscape of my mind has become plain and does not seem to have much to be written about.

I had just like to update a little here about my life and capture the thoughts to ponder for myself in the future as I believe this is a turning point moment in my life. I had recently resigned from the company that I am working for and had secure a position which entails the type of work, learning opportunities, skills I wish to develop, and perhaps an environment I envision to be more suitable for me and as a bonus, a better pay as well. This job seems as if it was crafted as per what I have in my mind, or least what I have been telling my family, friends, colleagues and bosses. Challenges and stress of a different nature may be facing me in the near distance. But I'm darn sure I didn't regret my decision. What made me slightly heavy hearted was leaving behind many acquaintances. Things just weren't falling into place. The timing was bad. The luck wasn't there. And the false hope from the management had left me looking at the floor with no more motivation to fight on. Sometimes I think, perhaps it's the branding. The company's extremely good in that sense, which creates a sense of loyalty from employees to the name itself and the need to be associated with it.

Sometimes, it's amusing yet amazing when what you said as a joke with a false air of confidence really comes true. I had talked about the job and rest time I wanted to my colleagues, friends and family. Both things have indeed came true to my surprise and delight.

I had a wonderful time with close friends last weekend. The camaraderie just took off as if it was a day ago that we had last seen each other. I guess I should be taking this opportunity to catch up with as many friends as possible.