Monday, May 26, 2008

Moving to 8.2 km rural

My last weekend was spent visiting show houses and new neighbourhoods. My family's insistence of getting a new house and selling off the current condominium unit, or rather my mom's is definitely against economical sense. At a rough count, the target location now is 8.2 km further than our current home and town. Toll charges and additional petrol cost using the current rate would probably be RM 5 per person per day. Discounting the maintenance and car park rental of RM 300 per month now, it's still costlier to move. So my mom's reason of the high running cost of living in a condominium is not valid.

But it makes all the sense, as was written in The Undercover Economist book, as to why such a decision takes place. It is all in the name of the expansion of family. Of course, my mom would put it in a rather cynical way, saying that sooner, family members will not have much place to stand, let alone sit.

I have to give up my sheltered car park. I dread the tiring process of house moving and the impending ill-fated traffic nightmares. What's in for me? From 54 sq feet to 180 sq feet.