Monday, August 15, 2011

Next target - EAH

I'm going to aim to stock up on EA Holdings into my portfolio. One would cringe if we see the charts of this counter. It sparkle during it's IPO but now seem to have taken a severe beating. One wonders why? Doubts creeps in whether it's too good to be true.

However upon more detailed analysis, the stock basically double it's base and it's CEO owns 62.5% of it valued at RM30 million. And the fact that when the stock is taking a beating, strangely enough the CEO parted with his money of about RM226,000 for mini acquiring of the stock. Was it to boost confidence? That paltry addition won't help since he's owning more than half the company anyway, he'll go down with the company if it indeed bust.

Q1 2011, Revenue RM11 million, Net Profit RM1.7 million, EPS 1.11cents
FYE 2010 Revenue RM20 million, Net Profit RM4 million, EPS 3.31 cents

Based on strong results, I see it as a bargain. I'm game for this counter.