Wednesday, September 15, 2004

yawn. huh

As usual, I had my pathetic breakfast at the cafeteria, browsed through some news online and had my daily dose of blog reads. Now that I've finished reading all, metamorphosis kicks in and I am goddamn sleepy at the moment. The time now is a quarter to ten and ideally I should be charged up feeling hyper and finish up with my remaining editing works. But I'm goddamn sleepy and I digress. I procrastinate and I blog. By the way, just to crack in an excuse for myself, the fact is that I can't possibly finish my editing works today anyway because the changes that I requested have not been totally done yet by the developers. And I'm too lazy to toggle my language bar to french and english alternatively so that I get to type in the é and è when required.

Something darn stoopid that I'd done yesterday. There was this guy who pressed the 10th floor button while I lit the 11th floor button on the elevator panel. *Ding*. He went out of the lift at 10th floor. Amazingly, so did I. The elevator's door closed and I was dumbfounded for a second. "Eih?". "Diu nia sing ar!" I spoke to myself while I frantically hit the [^] button as many times I could. Luckily nobody saw this and I was safe from embarassment. But I guess something's missing so I blog about it here.