Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unit Trust and the Final Bahrain Trip

Out of some idleness this late afternoon, I had done some calculation on my newly purchased Unit Trust funds. I have concluded that I need 0.0003 increase on the closing prices for every 5 days. I'm not certain if it should be based on working days. If so then, I would need a increase of 0.000845 for every 10 working days. That will only generate 3.7% of returns which will be on par with the one year conservative FD returns. I hope that's easily achievable.


The catch which I realised not accounting for the risk involved, would be the duration. To break even with the initial investment amount, I shall need roughly 150 working days assuming the increase rate as stated above is achievable.


On a different note, my final trip to Bahrain has been delayed from 9th of February to the 22nd of February and now to the targeted date of 28th of February. In any case, I shall be back in Malaysia by 10th of March as that's my last working day for this company. I'm not obliged to perform any other work or duty beyond that.