Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back from Jakarta, Increasing equities

Had returned from Jakarta two days ago. What I had thought to be a pretty short trip turned out to be more than what I'd expected. I felt that the few days spent over there has indeed opened up my eyes, with the exposure to the lifestyles, culture and reasons behind of why things turn out to be like it is now.

Jakarta has a higher cost of living yet their purchasing power is considerably low. Cost of credit is skyhigh. The huge income disparity is apparent and this unequal distribution will continue. Infrastructure and human capital resources are inadequate and won't be an easy fix due to the mentality entrenched in their people. One hugely noticible traits is the change to the attitude and social dynamics which I think the disbalance of power between gender and master servant relationship surprises me, in a good way though, I should add. I guess what this entails, is allowing opportunities

Went clubbing and the second I stepped foot in there, the words "Oh My God" crossed my mind. KL clubbing really sucks in comparison. Too costly and pretentious.


Brought back with me to KL is this information for opportunistic entry in equities. Is it really true? I still wonder in hope. I had increased my exposure to equities during this few weeks. Need to fix and readjust my portfolio. As it stands, the cash ratio is too damn high and it means that I will be losing out to inflation.

The market crash in February and August had left me with some missed opportunities. It is always the herd mentality. The fear and greed of humans. However, I'm glad I had learned from it, that is to make decisions and take action when such opportunities avail themselves.