Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Investment Plans forming in August 2011

Century Logistics announced their Q2 2011 results. Operating Profit has increased and that's comforting. Not sure why, perhaps the exchange rate or their cost control is getting better. The wonderful news is that an interim dividend is announced of 5cts per share.

As for EA Holdings, to my horror there's no liquidity at all for this counter too. My strategy is to hold it until the end of the month and till the quarterly results were announced. It should ride up if another huge revenue/profit comes in. I may or may not cash out to swap for Century Logistics.

Let's wait and see.

Gold has left me flabbergasted. All the research reports are not predicting well. The volatility remains high and is between $1750 - $1780 today. And the margins I have to loss is about 4%, whereas for Shares the total cost of transaction is about 1.5% + RM24. Unless Gold makes another strong leg up from the purchase price, it's not that easy to get another 10+% return.