Sunday, November 02, 2003

F**K kaspersky

Just some blogging I must do. Its 2:16 AM now. It's rather strange that I'm still awake considering after joining the workforce my average sleeping time scattered around 9:30 to 10:30. Whoa. I just freaked out half an hour ago. Why? My laptop failed to boot into the login screen once, failed to gimme control to login once, fail to load desktop once, failed to gimme control over windows 4 times. Shit. I thought my pc is dying man. It all came after I install kaspersky bloody antivirus software. It even came with the pirated key. There was once when the kaspersky was about to load and stay at my taskbar, I swiftly rightclick and quit that damn app. Phew. Finally I got control over windows again. Guess what did I do next? Go to Control Panel and hehehe. Remove!

My mind was like focused more on the lost of data should my pc be dead. Argh. All my previous college and university work, my thousand photos from UK, and others. The rest of the stuffs I might be able to get it back but it will be hard and this is very not desirable. I need to do backup. But how? I do not have external hard disk. Will it cost me bout 500? Aiyor. I do not have CDRW on my laptop. The only thing I can do is copy the stuff to my old desktop pc. But now that has become my brother's property. The worse thing is I highly suspect that, that pc has been virus contaminated. God knows what my brothers have been doing with that pc. Damn KaZaa. Can't blame them too much though. You have to grow mature in using pc I would say.