Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Messenger Vs Messenger

ICQ v4.1 suck cock shit. I clicked yes to allow the auto upgrade process of my ICQ Lite and how regretful I am now. I feel like I'm using an Ah Beng's version of ICQ which is horrendously cluttered with so-called decorations popping out at the most undesirable locations and corners. Bah! They had even taken away the classic skin option which could have at least provided me with the simple dull grey look.

I sort of boycotted my once favourite yahoo! messenger also because of the latest ominous upgrade. Now when it's on, my Pentium 4 PC sometimes remain dormant and somehow becomes foobar that seems to suddenly aged a few years older, even older than a Pentium I 100 MHz, becomes totally non responsive even being lambasted with tons of profanities and it pisses me off, nuff said.

So what's with this competition of providing avatar /picture / radio / games / webcam / sms / doodoo / emoticons / audicons / animaticons /whatever lah. I would be glad if only they allow us to customise and select the features or functionalities of their messenger masterpiece.