Friday, June 25, 2004

Green robot who always lose

I found this link from dSaint's blog. I used to have that toy action figure. He is a character from the cartoon Silverhawks. After more than a decade, I finally know that dude's original name which is Buzzsaw and his sidekick bird shredator. I used to call him the green robot, razor guy and orange bird. Buzzsaw was always cast as the villain or the henchman of the villain boss. My favourite villain was the muscular Bee dude. I think he's from He-Man. That Bee dude looks mean so he is always the big boss. kakaka.

Went all the way,
forty to fifty kilometres,
ride steel jongget-jongget,
no tyre and dent on the ground,
place called ponggong in bangsar,
others were drinking beer,
laughing out loud hysterically,
park has sign of no alcohol,
rich man were partying with bright lights,
we were waiting in waja,
with headlights off like CID,
patrolling multi million properties.

assume makes an ass out of yourself,
that is why I said communicate more,
but you said no need no need,
the facts got jumbled,
and you got embarassed,
still wanna keep the ego,
and bark with no mercy,
I felt pity but I can't say anything,
I guess apologising is needed,
but for sure you will evade,
for how the matter is resolved,
is in your own hands and mouth.

I kinda feel like this fella now.

*Yawn*. I knew my alarm rang at 2:30 AM, but I said fuck it, switched it off and went back to slumberland.