Wednesday, June 23, 2004

My mum's fury and my destiny

Hell hath no fury like my mother's fury.

That really sums it all yesterday night when my mum ran amok and started her yelling in a sudden outburst. It sparked when she needed to send my brother to his tuition class which starts at half past eight and it is already half past eight.

My mum was furious to the fact that my brothers dedicate their lives and a major portion of hours to live and serve in a fantasy world, the Ragnarok. Damn RO, the rate is more taxing than mobile phone topup cards and perhaps it beats marijuana and even cigarettes anytime in terms of addictiveness. You see, can you smoke 18 hours non-stop without a break? That's my point.

So all in all, I was asked to remove the ADSL modem and there goes my Streamyx connection because my brothers' room house my router and ADSL modem. All I needed was just a LAN cable which connects to the router.

I was bewildered yet amused when I was shown with somekind of an almanac or should I say the-buku-latihan-which-has-my-life-story-written-in-4-pages.

I couldn't read chinese / mandarin, so my mum read it and she said she has kept that book for 20 years. Some of the interesting highlights that amused me or at least baffled me.

- I came to this world carrying 2 sack of clothes, 80 tons of fish and meat, 10 sack of rice.
[I have no bloody idea what that is supposed to dictate]

- 16 to 20 years of age, I will have problems.
[If I try hard to relate to that, then I would say I had 3 huge skin problems during that period. I can only remember the name of one, which is Eczema and that was bad]

- 21 to 30 years of age, I will have "tou fa wan" problems.
[Erm. Really? Haha]

- My wife and children will suffer when I reach mid life because in my past life I had served meat and wine to monks.
[So this is suppose to be some Karma shit? I was wicked!! Haha. Well at least I gave those monks a good treat.]

- I will be rich but I cannot live in a bungalow.
[That ain't fair man!]

- 51 - 55 years of age. I will have "siu yan".
[Erm. no comment yet but I'm gonna kill him/her]

- 56 - 60 years of age, I will have "tou fa wan" problems again.
[Hahaha. Who's the player now?]

- My life is water life. Sea Water Life.
[What the fuck?]

Conclusion, that is my life's destiny written when I was about 2-3 years old and my mum paid RM 2 to that divine old man from Tampin.

p.s - It says that my brother will be freaking rich in life but he will end up being cheated by his wife and children. Muahahahaha he got sabo'd.

buku latihan = exercise book
streamyx = slowass ADSL connection provided by TM Nut
tou fa wan = Relationship dilemma (cantonese)
siu yan = Enemy? (cantonese)