Saturday, June 19, 2004

When CO beats O2

I was drenched in my own sweat while driving back home. My car's aircond system has decided to throw a tantrum and annoy me. The stuffy condition and massive inhaling of carbon monoxide have nearly taken my life away and I would have just died in the middle of a traffic jam. But with my perseverence, I managed to return home safely in a depressing state not to mention my lack-of-oxygen state.

It was magnified with my bad mood for not being able to have my "bak kut teh" for lunch when the weather was ok. You see, everyday is scrotching hot and this particular kopitiam which has my "bak kut teh" is a very special kopitiam indeed. I don't know why but that shop somehow managed to collect and accumulate heat to create a magnificent ambience for their patrons. Maybe it's to provide warmth. *shrugs*.

Something I noticed this morning, my youngest brother's three naughty red swordstail fishes have been isolated into a special dungeon where they serve their detention there. kekeke. They were too obnoxious and bullied the other much larger and useless goldfishes by impaling their body with their puny head. Now that they are relocated in the dungeon, they seem to be sad and prefered to express themselves by remaining stagnant. They now look more stoned than the ultra-stoned fishes (fung fei chau) which you can see in most chinese restaurants as described by bear.

Bear brought up one excellent comment yesterday by describing students of hospitality management as paying-to-learn-to-be-a-maid. Breaks into guffaws.

Au Revoir.