Tuesday, July 20, 2004

fail to become chinese businessman

My great grandfather once own an empire circa 30-50s. He was a famous chap and a major player in the town. There's a saying that goes an empire cannot survive three generations. If that indeed rings true, then you can deduce from that, that I'm way past the third generation. I'm the fourth, so no empire for me, I'm a poor man to start with. Haha. Anyway this post is not about me and my ranting being the fourth gen.

I simply cannot comprehend how 8 million of sales and 9 million of sales for two consecutive years would leave u with 1.6 million in debt and only 4 grand in the bank. No pun intended but in a very sad manner, technically I'm richer than you, you see, I don't owe anybody 1.6 million.

I felt overwhelmed with the number of Carlsberg, Milo, Nestle and Coke that stacks way high up, so high that I cannot see the tip even with an extended ladder. It simply became a huge maze with food becoming my walls. I had not had the chance to taste a single drop of those products. All I had, many many years back, was loads of mini flicking frisbees that comes with glass bottled coca-cola that scattered all over the room above the Mahjong business center. And I had to pick them up and keep the place tidy when my grandma decided to be nasty.

Back to the business skills, for goodness sake can't you learn? Look at you, you are now one old haggard dude that still churn money out for your equally haggard concubine and her child. Anyway promise me never to touch the rubber mountain and I get to play with the forklift. That's all I want, you can keep your debts. Thanks.