Saturday, July 17, 2004

you can keep your world

This post may be senstive and might offend certain individuals. As such, I advise not to keep reading. This post is strictly based on loonatik's opinion

It is not quite possible to differentiate whether that guy is homo based on the attire, the face, the shape of the body, the people they hangout with, the amount of gel on their hair, etc. I was feeling not to keen when I saw many and I mean many guys going into the bar. They come in packs and in couple. But I learnt that night that if he is good looking, with a muscular built, immaculate and behaves in a strangely flexible manner, it's a darn good bet that you found one. Believe it or not, some even dance to the style of Coco Lee. Yes, to the straight female community, it is sad to say that many fit and good looking guys fall into this category. Just too many. I saw at least a hundred that night. That's the reason why it's hard to find rich and handsome guys around town nowadays. The trend is most likely to feature rich ugly bloke scoring with a hot chick.

My friend pointed out to us "That fella, Lam Pan Lui Chong. He's a drag queen"

I was thinking, no fucking way man! And I shifted my attention towards the supposedly her again trying to scan for clues. I looked at the arms, the long wavy hair, the skimpy tube and skirt and assets, but suddenly I realised I was fucking stupid for missing one prominent part, the bloody throat. I was like "diuuuuu" when I saw the apple. I was swindled. MCP. No, that isn't true I thought. But I know I couldn't deny it. I did slip a few glances towards the her before she became a him. I felt so cheated. Damn. I'm beginning to feel traumatized.

Please take note, butterfly tattoos do not dwell on a guy's butt for goodness sake.

The atmosphere and ambience was great nonetheless. The camaraderie between the guys and the guys look good. A bond too close I would say. However, I would prefer not to see hands touching waist and ass of another guy.

Trying to bail out and squeeze through the crowd with minimal contact is rather tough. For once, all I needed is to slip through unnoticed. Do not have eye contact and whatsoever contact. I reminded myself with that like playing an annoying and boisterous tape inside my head.

All I'm saying is, I do not despise this sort of lifestyle. It could be defective genes. I don't know. I still have friends possessing this lifestyle. I'm just saying that this is not my world. Thanks.