Sunday, July 11, 2004

Today there is no rules

how do you determine incompatibility? would it be by counting the similarities between each other or perhaps one's humour style preference or could it be the dreams and ambitions that is to be shared or perhaps just personality difference or social and economical difference? heck if all remains to be so similar, it will constitute to just one person then, wouldn't it. even dnas mutate and evolve and one body would be just fine to contain all of these. and if you could, would committment itself be enough. i like jia's recent post. love is that big. so is the price to be in it.

secondly i would like to think about blogging. is there a mask in blogging. do we pretend to be someone else with an alter-ego that we can't be in real life or blog reveals the deep true thoughts of oneselves. some are just plain anonymous. some looks so very much like a personal homepage. some are interest based. some are like photostat copy of a brain's status. some are just filled with crap. some are filled with code snippets and tutorials. some are actually photo galleries. some are to gain popularity. some are a way to communicate to others. i think there are so many styles and objective for all the blogs swarming around the cyberspace. so it doesn't make such a big deal for what and how it is written or by whom. it is there not to make an impact perhaps some are. it's getting too complicated now that i don't know what else to write.

See, i blog without playing by the rules. don't need to care too much about grammar, i can insert hybrid language, don't care about punctuations too. even the contents and message is vague and confusing. it's exaggerated sometimes. it's chui sui sometimes. no need to govern the integrity of it. no need to worry so much. there is this freedom and i don't care if i get a 0 mark or an E grade. all of this happens just because i can.

do you like my new style? nyiak nyiak nyiak.