Sunday, July 04, 2004

Quirky Referrers

I was looking at my stats for this blog and while browsing the referrers section, I was baffled but rather amused with what I found. Let me share it with you.

These are the keyword or keyword combinations that they inputted into Search Engines like Google and Yahoo and that's how they ended up at my blog. Bugger.

sekolah kebangsaan taman midah
(huh? Got meh?)

handphone speed trap
(Wah! I dunno how leh)

elken scam
(Hahaha. Good grief)

elken vs amway
(Mahai. What is with all these MLM and my blog man. Doesn't make sense. Diu. Go away)

tvb series bittorrent
(Haha. I can understand this. I can help but I kinda stopped my operation already)

fort williams webcam scotland
(Whoa. That is quite misleading)

satria gti price
(I don't sell GTI la faggots)

kakakaka free download tamil
(Bloody hell! What is that about? Can't Nina betul)