Sunday, July 04, 2004

TV vs TV

Two twenty nine inches tv are standing side by side competing against each other for our attention. One is given the name Panasonic while the other, Sony. Far right is the outcast little brat whose name is Sharp. Sharp used to sit at Sony's place, but he was demoted, he ain't no playa, he ain't no heavyweight, so he gets to sit on a broken speaker instead. Haha. I could imagine..

Sony: "Look at me, watch me. I've got good woofers but no pixels"

Panasonic: "Nah buzzoff u lame-o-not-flat-Sony, watch me instead!"

If I tilt my head to the right approximately 86 degrees, there is another Sharp brother there.

In case you are wondering, No!, I do not have TV fetish. The truth is my mom just bought another tv, the Panasonic dude, coz Sony refuse to display anymore. I guess he was burnt out (no pun intended). Eventhough the whole scene looks so ridiculous, my mom still hasn't realise that she's living in a condo unit now.

I pity the victim, the cabinet underneath. Haha.