Sunday, July 25, 2004


Do not have any particular topic to write about, so I'll leave you with...

Some random observations and rants:-

- I just can't get over with kids doing the heelys (whatever you call it), with one of their foot pointing upwards and all they could achieve is about 3 feet of glide. Just feel like sending a sweet chin music to them.

- Watched Astro Talent Quest 04 and got pissed off. That guy can't sing for nuts. His rendition of Lee Hom's song was horrendous. Very poor connection with the head voice. Did you see him doing the jiggy (wiggling butt) part? *vomit vomit* *curse like a sailor*

- Raikkonen's crash hebat!

- When you are way down, the only way to go is up. It comes naturally.

- I like double eyelids.

- I like fair skin.

- I'll try not to sleep that much again because it feels like my weekend is robbed by, erm, sleep.