Tuesday, July 06, 2004

When you step on it

I feel so close, yet I feel so far
I thought I knew so much, yet I knew so little
I'm bewildered to say the least
Things have been reshaping themselves
A puzzle shattered waiting to be refigured
It still is what it is
But why it's so different
My perception distorted
Not sure for the better or worse

My hands remain stagnant on the mouse and keyboard
Waiting for words and thoughts to pop up in the mind
Indonesian accent and vacumn sounds fill the air
Such is the ambience with a vibrating pulse

*hehe. please wait. still thinking.*

This place looks so foreign
Everything seems so out of place
It's overwhelming for a long one minute
It's wonderful although too strong and bold
Learned a lot from what people say and what I saw
But to be there personally brings a whole new dimension
And not to mention correction
People look at you like a different kind
An asian not fitting to their kind
Being broke is not going to help either
When all weighs ton and brands are spelt in French and Italian.

I wonder if sometimes I feel contended
In all aspects of one's life
What can I do to change some of these
Just go with the flow I say
I am who I am

*shows victory sign*