Monday, September 20, 2004

blog no jutsu

Sometimes I think it's right. But more often than not I usually think it's left. Probably I would feel more to myself if it's left or perhaps it's just due to my tendency to have pessimistic thoughts. Even if it's left, could it be bent to the right? To be on the fence is rather confusing. Couldn't things be simply more blatant or we should follow the saying enjoy the ride. But then again, another saying goes by time waits for no man. Man, what crap am I typing? I don't even comprehend this myself. haha.

Goddamn, even having annual leaves is giving me a problem. Damn it. Even my dad rushed me to take my leaves. Erm I guess I did really accumulate quite a number of days and it's now close to year end. I don't think getting a whole month off would be a wise move although it's feasible to me. So I better start planning to pluck those days out from the calendar.

I guess I'm officially hooked to naruto now. This ninja stuff is kinda getting cool again with the way this anime is portraying. Unfortunately I just have not more than eight episodes of the anime and I shall depend on manga for the rest of the episodes. It's quite troublesome and resource taking to download all, so let's just settle with static black and white graphics with no sound. I'm also catching with 2 other titles but again, the word to describe the situation is "wait" and drum my fingers.