Thursday, June 30, 2005

Maggots and recession

I went into the kitchen and the stench is beginning to build up. If I had walked any closer, I would need to restrain myself from the natural gag reflex it could kick out. The second sore is the space the rubbish is increasingly occupying.

"Let's throw the rubbish together. It's getting too much", I said.
"Hahaha, okay!" Sonny said.
"How come there aren't any maggots? It has been nearly a month." I asked while carrying some of the rubbish toward the dumpster.
"Yeah. Strange. In Malaysia about a week or so, there will be maggots. Sometimes even in 3 days" claimed Sonny beamingly proud of his achievement.

I came to the office later in the afternoon. Yet another weekend spent working. We had no choice as there are still tons to be finished. I look around and saw no one. Rushing up so much in so little time is going to bring productivity sky high but not in terms of quality and enough QA. That is something I'm not too happy with.

Read from the internet, Standard & Poors gave Malaysia a 5.5% GDP growth prediction for this year and the next, citing adequate domestic consumption in all areas except for construction sector. Another fact property are overpriced. And from, America's property market are expected to crash or experience a slowdown very soon. Should it bring the country into recession, their policy makers will have less room to maneuver this time. Interest rates are already low and tax couldn't be cut as their deficit is huge unlike in year 2000. The whole world's economy is at risk especially to an export led economy like Malaysia's. In about a year or two still it would take but what can we do to save for the rainy days? We are already hit by the rising inflation and some even spotted in KFC. Kim's worried about the third rising fuel price. And I of the cascading effect to all other things.