Thursday, June 02, 2005

Signing like a star

I placed my signature on 68 documents yesterday, one after another, at the document author column for our ultimate final submission. Ultimate because we have in fact sent in a few final submissions but was turned down. Momentarily that made me feel like a star as if I am signing autographs. Few months of torment, work that was done by going through dreadful days and agonizing nights and not to mention, weekends sacrificed. It all finally come to a conclusive ending as I hope it to be. As how it has always been, we were given false hopes at the beginning as the client refuses to sign them off.

Choices, not chances led you to your destiny

I wonder how true the quote above is.

A colleague asked me whether I would envy them going back now and some sooner than I would be. I replied in the negative, saying it is not long enough. And it hit me then, that I have become more accustomed to the lifestyle here or rather the lack of it.

As usual like the past few weeks, I was placing an order for lunch for the whole team this morning. Unfortunately, the other side who usually speaks English does not today. So he was only replying purely in Arabic. Strangely enough, I was able to understand what he was saying just by knowing one key word "Mafi" which means nothing or don't have.