Saturday, June 04, 2005

Break in the Malaysian Embassy

Finally, we had a break yesterday. A very much needed and anticipated one, that is. Consecutive working under pressure to deliver through long and extended hours will take a toll on anybody's physical and mental state. I slept for 12 hours, no less, even missing the Nadal vs Federer match.

We were invited to the Malaysian Embassy for a gathering. There was a small crowd there, about the size of 70, who were there for a sole purpose, that is to feast, I believe. The embassy's job is to occasionally throw parties and hold gatherings using various excuses to spend the budget. For yesterday, it was the Agong's birthday. Nearly all of the guests came in brand new Benz and Beamers. Granted the price of cars are very cheap here as compared to the artificially exhorbitant prices we have, but it seems to portray as if the bumis here are doing very well. At these prices, I can get one for myself even, but pragmatism and prudence took the better of it. Okay fine, sour grapes it is then.

I was asked to attend the appointment to observe and understand the current Queue system in Hoora. That place reeks dinginess. When I walked in, I felt like I was 2 decades back in time. The only modern cue would be, as apparent as you can tell, the Queue system above. The signboards, computer screens, noticeboards and the communication language between the customers and at the counters are in Arabic. I am beginning to worry about the upcoming training sessions.

It was darn hot outside which made me feel rather giddy after coming back to an air conditioned office.