Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dana Cinema, ambivalent and refinement

Whilst waiting for the movie to begin, I walked around the mall and decided to check out the spanking new Calvin Klein lot in Dana Mall. I was flabbergasted when I check on the price of a pair of jeans. It is around BD 65 (or RM 650). Since when did a pair of jeans become so bloody inflated? I think they are here to cut the Arab's throats, certainly not mine. I think the price should be much lower in KL.

The first impression when I walked in to the house was that the seats were plush, big and comfy. In comparison they are bigger than a typical car's seat. The pathway in front of the seat is adequately spaced out. I call it a pathway because I cannot touch the seat in front of me even after extending my leg out. They must have at least 3 feet of space apart from the seat's footspace separating each row. And these are only the regular seats as there are sofa size deluxe seats and couple seats at the very back. But the comfort of all this is at a lofty price of BD 2.5 (or RM 25.25).


I just got to know that the period of my stay here might be extended for another 3 months after the rollout. It is still in the case of might depending on who is chosen to service the warranty period. Feeling ambivalent, my thoughts echo against the wall of my mind pondering whether this would be a bliss or otherwise. Aside from the horrible yet pricy food, torturous weather and the sense of incessant solitude; the most killing factor would be getting burnt out from a continuous 90 working hours per week. And needless to say, that is not something which is very much desirable. On the other hand, I could have a much relatively easier life but complain about the lack of pay and raise along with the rest of my friends. Either way, it seems pointless for me to ponder about all this as the decision of my fate is in the hands of one who is the AGM.


I have been reading about local politics, business, economy, financial and property investments in a rather religious way as of late. These are some which bores me to no end and could not possibly attract my short span of attention merely a year back. Am I becoming older and bored?