Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blunders galore

I nearly missed my flight back from Hong Kong to KLIA. Probably had spent too much time in the Business Class Lounge. I was chatting and having a coffee at the comfortable lounge. Fortunately, the departure gate is just above the lounge, so I had made it in time. But strangely, I couldn't find my flight ticket now that I am at home. I need the copy of it to claim my missing frequent flyer miles. Goddamn. What it means now is that around 5000 miles went missing and I'll have no other way to get those miles or ticket number back. It's also a hassle not to be able to claim Cathay Pacific miles when checking in flights that depart from the Bahrain airport. I don't know what's wrong with that airport. Suddenly the company just doesn't allow it.
After doing the usual which is unpacking my stuffs, I had found many Bahrain coins. I have around 10 of them which after conversion to Ringgit Malaysia, amounts to RM 10.00. That's quite a lot in terms of value for it to be lying around now in a worthless state.
I am officially unemployed now. The good thing is, I wouldn't need to get up early and be stucked in the traffic and face mundane tasks or stuck up people. No need to work. I'll be visiting friends to catch up and have a good rest to charge up the batteries before the next wave of challenge and stress comes along.