Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Flustered but not sunken

I came back quite late yesterday. Missing two turns to go back didn't help either. I didn't know what was I thinking. I realised my mind was overwhelmed and occupied with work or whatever that happened during work that day even after settling back, sinking myself on the sofa.

Today wasn't a good one either. Wasn't feeling well, especially lunch time. That sucks, doesn't it? Having cold sweats and unable to concentrate. And I still had to quickly figure out and spit out answers eloquently when being questioned all of a sudden whilst walking back.

What it means to be a consultant? It means to be the bad guy. It means to see people disliking your presence. Yes, I can see that. It means cracking the whip and hassling a horde of others. But I do agree with what my mentor said. If we don't do that, all this shit is not going to run.

Perhaps like most things, it will grow on you. I certainly hope so. I'm not sure if this is the kind of career I'm looking at. Perhaps people are meant to adapt to their jobs, not otherwise, that is having the job carved out to fit the individual. There are certain perks and especially small little things that keeps you delighted to last you for the day.

This kinds of reminding me the dark and gloomy days of the past but which I used it again and again to justify my background as though with glory.

I certainly hate work bitching. But it makes up for blogging content at least.