Thursday, June 22, 2006

Change of jobs

An unexpected call prompted me to think of the above. Well, actually I was expecting that call, but it came 3 months late. What are the factors that you'd consider before switching to another job?

Job satisfaction, pay, higher responsibilities, work life balance, opportunity to travel, international exposure, learning opportunities, good boss, etc. Some of those are what I consider to be important aspects of a job.

I had moved on from a high paying, or rather potentially high-paying-again job, to one that the prospect wouldn't be of par to it. Having said that, I did not regret one bit of doing so and in fact quite contended with that timely decision. Retrospectively, I think it was a great timing.

I am quite satisfied with my current position and the perks of it although much is intangible in form. Namely the work life balance, opportunity for travel, job scope and also the rather informal culture that comes from it being small, but also the stringent process, methodology and innovation that's taking place as the company matures and is expanding beyond 8 countries.

The proposition in mind surely is exciting. I had expect a change in work life balance, learning opportunities, perhaps travelling, and a bigger paycheck. But most of all, it has to be the large established name that I had yet to experience working for.

Anyway, it will be until end of next week before I know what comes out of it. Otherwise I'll just stick back and continue with my 3rd month here.