Sunday, August 06, 2006

Needless moments of anxiety

Wanted to bring my camera to office tomorrow, so I'd searched for my camera to place it on my desk as an ostentatious reminder. The camera's missing from it's usual spot. Strange, I thought. So I went on to find it at other logical places and even not so logical spots within my room, my brothers' room, inside my car and even at the kitchen.

The search has been to no avail. Flashback of memories brought me back to weeks back when I last brought it out and I remembered clearly I did bring it back home safely. And I did what insane people do when they can't find their things. Go over all the spots and look again as if it might mysteriously and miraculously appear to my delight. It need not be said that that wasn't how the script went.

Major suspect is back. My mom. How can that be, you ask? There were many times where she would move my things around to my dismay and give me ludicrous reasons of which I cannot possibly accept. To illustrate an event of that, around 8 years back, I had leapt to my horror when two thousand ringgit were missing from my drawer. Of course, I was still a student and that was then a most ridiculous amount I ever had in cash. It meant the world to me. She gave me a polished remark that she took it for safe keeping on my behalf and that it's not safe to keep it in the drawers. Yeah, and that was the last time I had heard about my money.

So I questioned my mom.

Me: "Ni yiu na nga eh camera mau?"
(Did you take my camera?)

Mom: o.O? *lost for 3 seconds*

Mom: "Ohhh...yiu...choy nyia eh khui eh coat tippoi piang ten"
(Yeap, it's hidden inside your coat inside your wardrobe)

And thanks to smashpOp, that's how I found my camera which would otherwise be hidden in my jacket inside my wardrobe from me.