Sunday, July 30, 2006


Always a great retreat. A time to unwind from the hectic pace. It's nice to forget about the snooze button. It's nice to know that one didn't need to kick a fuss with himself to get over the foggy headed moments of the ungodly hours in the morning. The need to monitor the clock is gone albeit temporarily. Even the slow moving pace of the day is admirable. The worries of the past week vanished as if forgotten. Simply a must, before one gets back to the rat race to make ends meet.

Attended my first ever bloggers meet. Was slightly disappointed that not many forummers were there. Was hoping to meet them as luck would have it, I'm always away, working overseas when there's a forummers meet. Only suan, FA and penny were there. And I only got to know that penny was there the day after because I didn't recognise her then! The crowd is young. Mostly students and whose blogs which I quite frankly don't follow. I tend to follow social political blogs as well as the list of rss feeds that I've added to my list unlike the yesteryears, where I would devour most of the PPS pings. Probably due to a change of liking or simply of the fact that I'm getting older or very much busier or both. Anyhow, I enjoyed it for getting to meet some interesting people and had interesting conversations as well.