Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fuzzy greed

The magnificent yield now stands at 34.87% YTD. I have accounts in two separate funds with gains of 11.99% and 19.73% in slightly more than 5 months. Have been increasingly feeling uneasy of this vertical hike. Should I sell all and realised the profit? I'll have to come back at a -3.64% rate later.

Update: I was right but I missed the spike by 2 days. In just two days, the NAV has shed 2.75% and 5.44% respectively. Anyhow, I'm betting on a lower entry level in the near future. How low? Well that's the next guess.

Update 2: May not be the spike. Have sold both funds and I hold nothing now. The yields which I've sold at are 10.25% and 14.29%.