Monday, November 03, 2003

Weekend Report

It's not so much of a fun and happening weekend actually. On friday night, met up with a friend whom I have not see for bout 2 years. He is my ex MCSE classmate. Gosh all of them had taken their MCSE exams and are now MCP + MCSE + MCSA. What do I have? Nothing. Tada. Anyway he says he is going to share his project that he works on in the weekends. Ok. Fine. Then I thought he needed my help in programming or helping him in some freelance work. Then he popped out a question. "If I give you 3 million and time, What do you want to do?". Eih. That sounds really fishy. Well he just asked in a casual and jokingly way. Ok. I just ramble out some of my dreams which are still kinda realistic like owning a beamer, some vacation to japan and yada yada. Then he begin to draw out some brochures / pamphlets / flash cards. Aih? Shit! I just realised he is going to talk me into MLM (Multi Level Marketing). Damn. I hate MLM. I like my friend but MLM has gotten into his head. I hate the uplines and downlines crap. They can brainwash people. I've seen not once, not twice but several times how MLM has got into my friends. From Elken, Amway, Lamp Berger to some car insurance thingy. The variations are endless. The concept is the same. These kind of pyramid scheme is pure scam. Yes, it will benefit some people who are great in brainwashing people. Yes they make money out of it. But for how long? I think it wouldn't stop. There will be more naive youth or other untapped aunties-aunties. I just hope that he can keep his MLM aside and we be close friends like we used to. Talk about our usual and favourite topics including wrestling again.

On Sunday, my mom decided to go to Ulu Yam just for lunch. WTF? She heard from another aunty that recommends that place. I'm highly doubtful about that place. Gosh. Finally we reached, we ordered and we ate it all up. My rating of it? Slightly below OK level.