Wednesday, January 28, 2004

LOTR, ATM, CNY, Lion Dance

It has been quite a long time since I last blog. Need to jot down some old stuff that has happened throughout the days that has passed.

Catch up with LORD:ROTK. Call me lame if you want. I know I'm late to watch it last week but I just don't fancy queuing and getting rotten crap seating locations. That's why I prefer to delay it and watch when the crowd for the movie has gotten more subtle and loose. Another kudos to LOTR. It was awesome eventhough I did yawn about 5-6 times throughout the movie. The movie was kinda slow pace for my liking. However the fantastic visuals, humour, depiction of fantasy characters and environment and battles really made up to it.

Okay, next. A colleague, Nicholas shown me and a couple of others the ATM accepter that he is working on. Basically from the physical point ofi t, it looks just as similar as a typical ATM machine which you can find. The catch is, it is an accepter. Where u put money in instead of cash out. He disintegrate.....unlock and open it to let everyone see and study its organs. I was astounded by the number and complexity of the rollers. I was told it was the simplest design that they offered. There was about 30-40 rollers to handle your money going into it. The paper money would need go through all these rollers before it is passed way down to the money detector and subsequently to the container. That is why sometimes this kind of machine gives out crap when the money gets jammed inside. There is a huge system unit fully equipped with the mouse and keyboard inside. It's basically a generic computer that comes with heavy armour. The keypad of the ATM is actually part of the keyboard. In fact, the top 8 buttons beside the pathetic screen seems to be somehow connected to the mouse buttons if I'm not mistaken.

Chinese New Year wasn't that great. I've got flu, cough, phlegm, sorethroat after coming back from Malacca and Kuala Pilah. Darn. I hate the one way street design of Malacca's road. It only makes us look like fools for making those extra mileage to reach to the destination.

The "Sui Yue" meal at Kuala Pilah was good nonetheless. It's called "Labi-labi". Will post the picture when I have got them sorted. As promised, here is the pic of the "Sui Yee" noodle bought from "Meng Kei" at Kuala Pilah.

Just some of my record breaking details. Reached office in 9 minutes during CNY Eve. From my car park to the office's gate. One of the Bit Torrent downloads recorded 107 Kbs. That was fast.

There was a Lion Dance at the corporate lobby downstairs at my office. All employees were invited to view the show. Will post the picture later. It was pretty amazing as it caught many people with "ooh" and "aahs" when the lion...the two guys leap around in great distance and perform stunts on the poles.

[Edited: Added 2 pics]