Sunday, December 28, 2003

Sepang Drag Race

Went to Sepang Drag Race yesterday night. It was around midnight that we arrived. Gosh. The place was crowded with cars and people. I should say there are about 10000 - 30000 people there. The majority is malays.

Hmm it's one of my better experiences at a race event because of the better venue not like Batu Tiga and a better atmosphere. Not only did I saw some fast and furious cars, there are some cool babes to check out too.

Nonetheless, it's also a terrible outing. Why? After the event ended, we proceed to meet up in Petronas station and then roll the way home. Heck, we met up with a police block at the petrol station. The police took Babee's IC and asked us to proceed to the Balai KLIA. According to him, there is an operasi besar. Damn it!

Arrived at that pesky Balai and those with their ICs taken will need to squat in there and wait for their urine test. Oh crap. I do not need to be in there but I've gotta wait for the rest of my friends to complete that test. So I hangout with Alvin and Lawrence some new friends that I made there. Apparently Alvin is working in the same company as Her Tak. The world is small. Hehehe, Lawrence got some revenge by stealing some police's cigarette pack. Kakakaka. The police finally release my friends are few hours. We ended up the whole thing about 5.30 AM. What a waste of our time and unnecessary shit. I know shit happens but it's so putih how we ended up here.

Damn the corrupted police, they sure did want money. They took RM50 bucks from Kenny. I believe they are just jealous that Kenny has two milo tins exhaust installed on his Fairlady.

The whole incident has gotten into me, I woke up at 3pm today......It's damn pathetic..:(