Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Testing Image hot linking

Nothing much to rant about. Probably just that the Chinese New Year celebration for this year might be damp and not as festive as it used to be. Why has it become like this? Is it affected by the economy downturn? Or could it be just me, getting older and not feeling as excited as I used to. I had a friend who asked me whether I'm looking forward to the CNY, well my answer is just plain "No". This CNY really didn't bother me at all. I'm not into the festive spirit and I didn't even bother to get some new year's clothes. It was a routine a couple a years ago but it ended now.

Liverpool FCOkie. Now let's test the picture. I'm an ardent fan of Liverpool FC! This season kinda suck but it looks better than the previous one. It was even more horrendous. Hope the addition of Djibril Cisse would shake things up a little....Damn it....This is like the fifth time I clicked the "Post & Publish" button. The inclusion of an image seems to be buggy. It just wouldn't stay at the location that I intend it to be. Argh. So I'm just now typing some useless, inane, meaningful sentences to make this post longer so that the image will stay in place and not hanging outside or partially outside within the perimeter of this post's border. Phew!