Thursday, January 08, 2004


Rats. While I was getting my fried meehoon and mee as well as my usual cup of tea at the company's cafeteria this morning, somebody has stolen my newspaper. I just left the newspaper on an empty table. The whole cafeteria has about 80 seat allocation and there are many other patrons. I couldn't find who that filthy scumbag is. Darn! A pissed morning.

But I'm getting more cheered up while watching "Go Chess" anime...kekekeke...I'm currently watching episode 29. Been watching Japanese anime because I've finished 3 and a half set of cantonese TVB series. I have another japanese anime in stock in my harddrive. It's supposed to be a very famous anime. I suspect it's Tenshin I guess. Well I still have to finish about 45 episodes before I proceed to digest that series.