Friday, December 12, 2003

Canteen aka Cafeteria

It was at 12PM where we usually had our lunch at the company's Canteen / Cafeteria. Why there? Because we've got this RM2.50 subsidy and we don't need to go out under the hot sun to have lunch outside.

When the canteen management somehow changed the cashier lady, things gone awry nowadays. Somehow or another, the new cashier lady doesn't know how to count properly / count without the calculator / discriminate gender / discriminate race. Fuck that obtuse succubus. My colleague basically had a same pathetic thing which we call our lunch. That imbecile cashier lady charged her RM0.30 but charged me RM1.30 and this is not on one occasion. This event has generated laughter from the table. It's not really about the money matters but somehow I feel so unjust.

Hope that fugly bitch will fester pus all over her decaying body.