Friday, December 26, 2003

Laziness n Christmas

Been lazy to blog. Another reason being the lack of things to rant about. Been procrastinating some blogging. Well since I'm damn bored in the office right now and most of my colleagues are on leave, I'll just update my blog lor.

Hmm ok. Let's talk about christmas. Hmm my christmas wasn't that happening or hip but it was ok. Went to Eaglepoint Covenant Church in the morning. After 2 hours later, Reuben, Sharon and Reuben's family and I went to Billy's open house for some Nasi Briyani and other south indian delicacies. After that, I went to Nicholas Ong's open house. It was merrier than the previous years. When I went to his room, I was shocked to see the amount of people squeezed into his room. Gasp! I greeted all of them with a mild "wah". kakakaka. Some of them I haven't met yet while others are Nicholas car gang. We talked about their jobs and we came to the conclusion that 100% of his friends or car gang members are into jobs which are directly related to cars. Hmmm being mechanic, audio specialist, second hand car sales and etc. No wonder their hobbies and topics in yamcha session is only bout cars. This sometimes put me off coz I will get sick of it.

Hope to finish Chong Siong Wan Xiu by today. I've still got 9 episodes more to go.