Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Food Galore

Just needed to utilise my Nokia 7250i phone camera more. Got nothing better to do so I've snapped these pics and editted it at home using Adobe Photoshop. You know, the quality of this uppity phone is a real let down. As for picture No. 1: Some food servings when I was in Malacca during the Chinese New Year. There is the A Famosa Chicken Rice Meal, but it's not from the original shop. It's a modern air conditioned version within Mahkota Parade. ;) . And the picture on the right is a typical Mamak meal. There is not much choice for breakfast during CNY as always.

Got to hangout with my uni mates during the 30th of January at the restaurant nearby Kaki Corner. The usual chat about how's work and the likes of it. Benson didn't confirm the details for the booking of the table which resulted us having to hoover tons of food. The pic only shows the "Lou Sang" or "Yee Sang" part. That was the original plan. A simple meal with Yee Sang all sorted out in the circles99 forum. That extra portion got most of us bloated for the rest of the night.

[Edited: Damn it! It's damn annoying and this blogger tool really vex me in terms of trying to place the pic according to my desired layout. Bah. Either I gotta change the layout or typed some meaningless words to further lengthen this post]

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