Wednesday, March 24, 2004

My dear blog readers

Just something that I thought of yesterday. I was wondering that could there be any colleagues of mine are actually readers of my blog. To top it off, be lurkers or stalkers. I was pondering at the fact that, if they did, they would know quite a lot about my thoughts and life and at the same time still act normal in front of me? Bloody hell, that would be so absolutely freaky! Man, I know I live in a world where people walk with sort a mask on them and hypocrisy is just floating everywhere like the existence of menacing bacteria. But I never thought that it could have such an impact when they discovered about your blog.

I believe all owners of blogs reveal their life, experience and thoughts in someway. Mainly because that is in fact the content that is posted daily. So there will be some compromise on the privacy of the blog owners which is to be adjusted by the blog owner him / herself. As for myself, I still want to blog continuously without holding back my thoughts or whatever content that I intend to put. So how can I still do that if the people who knows it could pose potential threats to my safety / security / position within the company?

Well I say, to hell with it, nobody and nothing stops my blog. kekeke.

By the way, if any of my colleague is in fact reading this. Please consult me and notify me that you are a reader of it. I would be very appreciative of your effort. *wink*