Monday, March 01, 2004

Programming nightmare over

Another sick programming blog post. I've finally managed to solve a perennial problem that has been generating a lot of anxiety and frustration to get the job done. My programming problem in this case would be "Why the biometrics verification would not run successfully through my packaged Activex Control in CAB file?". After hours and dreadful hours of perusal and support from 3 other senior colleagues, the pesky problem has been deduced into "Why does the biometrics DLL doesn't creates a finger.dat file which will be used to compare the fingerprints?".

I then received this new version of DLL which will solve that part. So now the finger.dat file is generated successfully but the obstinating bug is still not solved entirely. Finally on the third day, which is today, the problem officially became "Why does the packaged Activex Control couldn't access to the INI file?". I figured this out myself. I've tried to put the INI file into windows\system32 folder, windows\downloaded program files folder, support folder and tweak some settings in the support folder but to no avail. Finally I tried to just placed the INI file on the desktop. Miracullously it worked! I somehow feel that I'm floating in the air and there is nothing holding me back from moving a foot forward anymore.

Eih? How bizzare that was. It simply defies the logic of programming which itself is the upmost important knowledge or skill that a developer must possess. Well at least it is according to my beliefs.

At this moment in time, I do not have the precious time to ponder about and figure out why it worked but to feel gratified for it is working.