Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Updating Antivirus

Did anybody got hit with virus or worm? Apparently I think I got hit by somekind of virus or worm either in my office pc or my notebook at home or both. *sigh*

My ICQ always disconnect after 1 minute of logon but it won't happen when I use it in my office pc. That might be a clue. Secondly, I have been receiving lots of emails from strangers and some not so familiar email addresses. It's like I think I recognise this email but again I think I don't. Well I reckon some of those are part of the mass emailing list of your friends forwarding mails to us and I kinda remember them subconsciously. Now it has gotten worse. Heck, I even received emails from myself sending darn virus (*.zip) file. Most of these mails contain some smiley face on the subject line, provide some kind of a password in the form of a sequence of digits and the trademark of all, an attachment in (*.zip) or (*.scr) or (*.vbs) etc.

I updated my virus definition today eventhough my subscription to Norton / Symantec has been invalid or so called expired. A talk to a colleague and she advised me to reset my system time to an earlier date. Then, download virus definition. Then change it back.

I tried it suspiciously and with full doubt that such a method could work. That would be darn dumb for the Antivirus software creators for creating such a lousy verification. But hey, I was surprised when it worked. So the antivirus software company is dumb but so am I for not realising this method all along. What I did was to keep delaying or exit that pesky petulant popup box asking to renew subscription. *duh*