Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Activex DLL in ASP

One of the required functionality of my client involves searching through all Word Documents for specific keywords within its contents. This is to shorten their time taken to search and browse through the whole lot of documents that they have. It is also caused by poor management and abysmal system that is used to manage the collection of documents (softcopy).

As such, I tried to search for such component for ASP but to no avail. There is a few but the results are not reliable and they are costly. Heck, I will write that component myself. After many hours spent within 2 days, I managed to come out with a working VB program and successfully converted it into a DLL. I call it through a test program written in VB and it works. Well then I tried it using ASP. Shit happens!

Initially I thought there is certain configurations that I missed out or calling a DLL through ASP is quite different. But after searching the internet for hours, I found the enlightment to it.

BUG: IE cannot run Activex DLL compiled in Visual Basic 6 Tiu Nia Sing! Nuff said.