Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I'm not articulate

Totally no idea, inspiration, thoughts or even the crappiest events that unfold to let me write about. However, I shall try to wade my way through and see if I can make one up right now.

I do not write that often because I'm not articulate and witty in my literature. So I thought I might better put the pen down. In this case don't bang the keyboard. Nevertheless, I do read many blogs often and I read them thoroughly. Somehow the essence of the never ending contents, the many dry jokes and sarcastic way of looking at life or even looking at a I-am-so-bored-sanding-here-with-an-awkward-pose tree amuses me so much that I can't stop reading, the way how I could relate to their ups and downs in life seems to encourage me to keep pushing on in life coz sometimes "Shit Happens", the number of hours that I can shirked through reading blogs and received input or information from it, well I can go on and on about this. I love blogging / bloggers.

Just to make a note here that I thought of yesterday when I was in semi-consciousness and feeling woozy. I learned that when you start to feel bored in your routine life for not having much to do, at that very point in time, somehow all the things will come bombarding you simultaneously bringing so much stress till you think you just wanna quit and relax on a sandy beach for the rest of your life. So the lesson is: Don't bitch when you feel bored.

Another principle in my life is not to compare because I believe in this statement which spells "You can win, but you will not win them all, you will lose, but you will not lose them all". This means that why bother frustrate yourself and you can't possibly top it all off or end up sunking to the very bottom when you start to compare with your friends / family / relatives and so on?

Well I can't possibly type anymore. Told you. I'm not articulate. So does any stuff written above rings some bell? Gimme your two cents.