Friday, April 02, 2004

Life at Miri

I'll just post some bits and parts of memories that I still have with me throughout the 5 days that I spent at Miri, Sarawak.

- The Miri town is small. Kas, Jul and Myself basically travelled everywhere by foot. It is that small.
- All cybercafes at Miri suck big time.
- JIM / IMM / Immigration officers take some time to shirk outside before starting work
- And we are required to join them
- Hotel Mega was great. It's around 4-5 stars I reckon. Even Yang Dipertuan of Sarawak visited there on my first day of arrival.
- Somehow I think they charge outrageously for drinks. And that's only at normal malay stalls.
- Was having fun bitching discussing about enemies.
- Had a hard time rushing to checkout in 10 minutes. Speed packing is stressful.
- Was happy that the fast checkout saves half-day of rental rate