Sunday, April 04, 2004


Yesterday's plan was cancelled. I was supposed to help moved drum sets and other musical instruments into my friend's second house in Sg. Long. Subsequently after that, our jamming session suppose to begin. It was postponed to next week.

Today is one of those days, when everything seems so stagnant. It felt as though life arounds you goes on without tagging you along. Felt isolated and left behind. To top it off, my youngest brother and cousin was pestering me of suggesting them what PS games to play. Yeah like I have nothing better to do. Well actually I do not have anything on my schedule today apart from helping Muscle to do his assignment.

Sigh. It feels like history is repeating itself. I did his whole website assignment 2 bloody years ago when he was studying for his Diploma at some college in USJ. Now, he is doing NCC Diploma at Informatics. Sometimes I wonder, what are they doing actually in the classes. Do they actually have motivation or the interest to take up the skills? It is so necessary when they actually join the workforce. Will they need me to do their work for them?

I used the word "they" because as self described, it denotes to more than one person. I should suggest them to just bloody drop out from their courses, because they aren't gonna make it anyway. And then, take up something they really enjoy or at least have some pinch of interest in it.