Monday, April 05, 2004

Liverpool 4 Blackburn 0, Blog Visitors

Finally, Liverpool FC is showing signs of its glory days. Well, maybe they are still not as good when they are in their primes but heck, it's still a 4-0 which could be much more than that. I must applaud Steven Gerrard, Harry Kewell and Michael Owen for being the dominating force in reviving the engine of the whole team.

Here's a snapshot of the countries that the visitors of my blog come from. I wanna say hello / bon journo / bon jour / guten morgen / ohayo / ni hao to all of my visitors. I'm not sure what brings you to my bloggie. It could be my silly rantings of life, probably certain keywords in my blog that lead you here (Sorry if you didn't find your intended-to-find content), or code snippets that I have in here.