Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Day by day, i gradually feel more and more distant to you. Nearly lost for I cannot grasp any air or whatever that is wavering by. Forget about knowing, I can neither even guess nor predict now. All I have now with me are static memories casted in stone and a collection of images to keep me reminded. I do not know what to say anymore. In the end, all gets bottled up throughout the journey and all of this remains to be seen again after the ride. This mug of hope is something which I simply couldn't just put down no matter how strong the persuasions are coming in. It's something for me to look forward to. Regardless of the fact whether it will materializes or not.

I wonder if time changes everything or perhaps some things are just obstinate and wouldn't move an inch. I really hope for the latter though. Regardless of the intensity, I believe resistance to change resides in every single human being. In fact, a simple example of the high redundancy of exact files located in both my office computer and my personal notebook at home has reflected so and now I'm copying files and personalising this office notebook that I'm typing with to become one of such.

A week's time left and I still haven't started packing yet for my trip to Bahrain. Mentally I have listed what to bring over but I wonder what to do with my other belongings here. Should I pack them and tapau in boxes again like what I did before I left for UK? I hope my brothers won't screw up my car again. Anyway by the time I return home, I think that car will be theirs or maybe only belongs to one of them should they not practise sharing. However, I'm not handing over my personal notebook to them. With all their might, they will just thrash it with the bloody RO and Kazaa and I'll be left with a retarded and heavy notebook.

Signing off with lots of love as always.